Storytelling: Children Of Wax

My goals are

1. Evaluate our writing using success criteria.
2.Avoid run on sentences.
3.Use interesting vocabulary.

I am working on adding detail and using interesting vocabulary. I hope to change the story to make it more interesting.

French Culture

French Study In France their culture originated from Celtic and Gallo-Roman. French people enjoy foods like Snails and Frog legs they also have lots of food that is enjoyed all around the world such as Baguettes, Crepes and Croissants. I think that French culture is quite interesting and has some crazy facts.

Trash Setting

Hōne Heke

1. When was Te Tiriti o Waitangi signed? Te Tiriti o Waitangi was singed 6 February 1840.
2. What is the biggest difference between the text of The Treaty of Waitangi in English, and Te Tiriti o Waitangi in te reo?  I believe the first paragraph is the worst translated because in the Maori text it stated that the chiefs still had authority over their land but in the English it stated that the Queen had full control over the land.
3. Why did Hōne Heke come to disagree with Te Tiriti o Waitangi? 
4. Was it a good idea to cut down the flag at Kororāreka? Why or why not? I think that chopping down the flag pole was a good idea because he did not agree with the Treaty of Waitangi.
5. Select one habit of mind which Hōne Heke demonstrated. Describe in detail how he showed that habit of mind, supporting your view with at least one quotation.

Christs Collage Leadership Course

Recently half of our year sevens went to a be inspired leadership course at Christs Collage. We learnt a lot about leadership at this course from a guest speaker and activities that we were given to do. The speaker had cerebral palsy called Cam Calkoen. His speech was very inspirational and interesting.

Year 7 Horizons leadership course.

This is the flying kiwi a very fun activity where we were attached to a rope and pulled up by the rest of our group and swung around in the air. One of the most important things we learnt from this course was about the three comfort zones, comfortable, stretched and panic. The best zone to be in is stretched because that's where the most learning happens.